Know what Salman Khan said about banning Pakistani artists?

Many Bollywood celebrities have reacted on the typical issue of banning Pakistani artists due to conflicts between India and Pakistan. Many celebrities have opposed the fact that MNS has given an ultimatum to leave the country in 48 hours. Now Bollywood's superstar Salman Khan has talked about this sensitive issue. Salman Khan talked to leading news agency and give his take on it. He defended Pakistani artists and said They are an artist no terrorist, It is the government gives them to permits and visas. With this Salman Khan has cleared that he is not in the mood to make any controversial comment but banning Pakistani artists is not a big solution to this issue. The army has done their work what is the big issue if the Pakistani actors are doing work in the industry. They are here for their talent. Not only Salman Khan there are lots of people who are saying that banning Pakistani artists is not a big solution to this problem. Even trade analyst Amul Mohan has said that if the government bans Pakistani artists then many producers have to face a loss because they have worked and they have paid. If in that case, anyone makes changes in the film it will take the huge amount and time which is wrong. This is to notice that from the time the conflict between India and Pakistan has come out, the Pakistani artists have become a big issue for Bollywood. Even all the Pakistani actors have left India after the ultimatum of MNS. You may also like :- Salman Khan's actress is making comeback after a long time MNS denied meeting with Salman Khan