Kangana said: women face bad behavior in Bollywood. She was a victim of it

Known to be one of the successful actress of Bollywood, Kangana Ranaut said that women are treated badly in Bollywood. Kangana Ranaut is known to be high paying actress of Bollywood. Living in Mandi Himanchal Pradesh, Kangana discussed several issues with the media. Her new film Katti Batti is going to release in September. In this interview Kangana said that she is happy with her success and she has done great hard work to achieve that. The place where she is women are not respected. She faced the same problem many times. After success the things change but you cannot forget those people who did bad with you. The behavior with top actress is totally different with the one done with newcomers. But who knows out of these only one can become Kangana and how will you feel then to work with them.Here men and women are treated differently With my success they should know that women should not be treated badly. During a question answer session Kangana Ranaut said that I too faced rejection but I took it as a challenge. If one thing is not done by you that dosent mean you should loose confidence. Talking about me these situations made me more strong. You should ignore those things in which people insult you or say bad to you. I do not want to make any one feel bad.