Kangana Ranaut got retort of legal notice.

Kangana Rnot his own film "I Love New York 'prohibiting the release of the film sent a notice to T-Series makers. She sent over notice without being discussed the film's release date from them. - But now Bhushan Kumar of T-Series owner is knocked this Kangana's notice. Chief Managing Director of T-Series Bhushan Kumar said the film's official were sold before 18 months to Wave cinema and now they have no control over the release of the film. They said " any actor can not give permission to the release of the film until he is not a member of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). As far as payment is concerned, we notice them with a copy of the bank receipt because of all the payment was by check. If Kangana do not have a copy of agreement or is lost so she could ask us. How could she know that how much payment is left without it. Bhushan Kumar further told Kangana were given 10 lakh for dubbing, and the final payment is also done. Bhushan Kumar, will soon give answer of Kangana's notice as the film has decided to release on the fixed date. "I Love New York" will be released on July 10,2015. Sunny Deol in the film are the Opposite of Kangana. Vinay Sapru and Radhika Rao has directed it.