Kabir Khan signed neither Salman nor Hrithik

Director Kabir Khan has rubbished all the reports that he has signed Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan for his next project. He even clarified that in his next movie he will stay away from the International politics. It was news that Kabir Khan will soon make a movie with Bajrangi Bhaijaan star. Although the script is not ready for now.Some have even said that in this movie Hrithik Roshan will be there. The film maker has now rubbished all these news. Kabir Khan said that these are just talks. He said he is not the type of a director who directly discusses his ideas with the stars. Hrithik is also one of those. And if Salman Khan is considered, they surely want to do movie together. That  is why this idea is being discussed. But when all the things would be finalized, I will announce it myself. While writing the script, I does not consider the stars. Talking about the second script Kabir said I have some ideas, but it is not clear that when it will be developed. By the mid of 2016 I will finalize my script. He said that the scope of global terrorism is quite large. Unfortunately the people pointed me out. He said that he want to stay away from these things the next time.