Interesting! Lesser known facts about Sunny Leone

From Adult Movies to Bollywood Star Sunny Leone, People have different opinions about her. Some criticise her and some see her in pornstar image. But according to PTI report she said that she is very shy. Actually she said herself that people don't believe this. But the truth is this only. Men XP has also told such 10 things about her, which you can read and you will start respecting her. Sunny took her all decisions on her own. From young age only she became economically independent. She wanted to come in pornography so she came and she does not regret it. She doesn't care if people loves her or hate her. She is proud of herself. Whatever work she takes in her hand, she tries to it in perfect way. And she is counted in renowned professional in her industry. Sunny Leone has also got awards like other celebs. She is the only one who entered successfully in Bollywood after doing pornography. Sunny opened a way for other pornstars. And she is the single pornstar to enter Bollywood. She is also a successful Business women. She has a adult studio with her Husband in a partnership. Sunny apart from professional, she is sensible, sensitive and responsible. She is a very confident women. At age of 18 she she realised her bisexuality, she did not hide it but accepted it. Sunny is happy with where she is and she even feel safe, Sunny tried hard to step in Bollywood. Bigg Boss helped Sunny a lot. She also participated in some of the series issue campaign. Like for PETA, Violence against Animals. She also took part in Health problems in American Society. Sunny is playing very important role for the society. Sunny Believes in commitments. Sunny after long affair, she married her Business partner Daniel Barbar and are still together. Sunny Leone has no regrets in her life. She doesn't care what people talk about her.