If I get a good project, then can work with Shahid: Kareena Kapoor

The relationship of Shahid and Kareena is not hidden from anybody. Both have moved on in their lives and are now planning to work together again. When the actors who were seen ignoring each other, were seen together in Punjab then there was news of them working together. And now Bebo has given a very positive response in regard to working with Shahid. She when asked about the bonding of Saif and Shahid during a dance reality show then she said that both are mature and independent. It is not in real life as is shown by the media. They both are working together in the movie of Vishal Bharadwaj. It is a hope that it turns out to be the best movie. When she was asked about working with Shahid, she said why not? If there is something good then she will surely work. It was a time when both the actors have refused to shot a song together in "Milenge Milenge" . But the situation has changed now. Both are ready to work together.