I would like to make family like Shahrukh sir : Varun Dhawan

There is no doubt that the discovery of Karan Johar called Varun Dhawan,has very soon took his acting credentials in Bollywood. After the success of 'Student of the Year', 'Tera Hero', 'Badlapur' and' ABCD 2' now he is working with Shahrukh Khan's upcoming film 'Dilwale'. During the shooting of the 'Dilwale' in Hyderabad we had certain portions of the conversation with Varun. Want to be family man like SRK sir: Shahrukh Khan in the industry by far is the most hard working actor. Shooting with him, I learned many things. Whenever he comes on set, he always roam on the set, Touch things, touch them and to spend time alone with those things. I always saw on the set, so one day I asked why he do this? And he said , He felt this thing in 'My Name Is Khan' during the shooting. He said that by doing so I am going to be comfortable with the atmosphere. In fact, with this you will get familiar to it. The second thing I learned, is that he must play Play-Station with his co-star if he is doing any film. Although in 'Dilwale' I lost in PlayStation with him. Until today we have come to observe him as actors, but now I inspected him as a human being also. I have seen him as a father, husband and friend and I can honestly say that whatever role he would play he would play it honestly. He is the country's number one 'Family Man' and I would like them to learn the tricks of course. SRK and Kajol are the most Young : I think Shahrukh sir and Kajol ma'am, are the country's most talented artists and it's an amazing experience to see them acting in front. Despite so many years of career, they want to do something new always. Whether it would be emotional or intense scene. They always challenge their talents. Way they spread the energy on the set, it seems that they are the most young couple in the world. Any problem with Kirti's height : I know that my heroine in the film is taller than me, but the height was never a problem between us. Working with Kirti, I realised one thing, was that we always Patle. We have even put a scene in the movie, when I say to Varun Sharma that Just because of you long girl is out of hand. We used to tease Kirti on the set by saying Bachchan ji has arrived get the patla. Rohit seem like Dad : Rohit reminds me of my dad (director David Dhawan). Actually Rohit sir is a writer Yunus bhai, he has written for films for my dad. Dialogue writer Sajid-Wajid has also worked with my dad. I have known them since childhood. Rohit's Working Temperament is just like my father. He is very punctual for work and time. . Yes, once the work is finished, then he sits with the whole unit and talk and having fun. However, I have never spoken to Rohit about this. Profound aspect of acting in Badlapur : When I did Badlapur then so many people told me that this film is not for you age. but I wanted to do it. I wanted to make a film in which I could show my deep acting side. I know it was for me a big risk, but I took the risk. There is no doubt that in 'Dilwale' I'm playing in my own age. and film it was very simple for me, but doing comedy with such big artist like Shah Rukh Khan, Sanjay Mishra, Johnny Lever, It was really difficult. Chichi brother's styling is very pleasing : People compare me with Chichi Bhaiya (Govinda). In fact I think people would like Chichi bhaiya, while I deliberately do not follow his style. Govinda's films are not seen by the new generation. My style is new for them and acting style. For those who prefer him, they also want his genre. Chichi brother's style is also very pleasing to me. However, I can not even copy half of his style. I am doing effort to do comedy like Mehmood, Chichi Bhai and Sanjeev Kumar. Is Kriti caring : I started liking Kriti when once I was suffering from high fever and the way she took care of me, I was overwhelmed. We were shooting the song and then the way she took my care, so I felt that where was she till now. I am an actor, which is very much like to be loved and to be taken care. First day of shooting I had realized that she is a good actor and will definitely bump.