Hit and Run Case : Maharashtra Government's petition accepted

Supreme Court has accepted the petition oh Maharashtra Government on 2002 Hit and Run case. However, he refused to do hearing in Fast Track court. Maharashtra Government has filed a petition in Supreme court against Bombay High Court. High Court freed Salman Khan. After High court’s decision, on 22 January, Maharashtra government filed a petition. After State Government petition, Salman khan filed counter affidavit. Salman said in Affidavit that Police is trying to make him trap. He is not guilty, he did not consumed alcohol that night, He also said that he was not driving the car. In hit and run case, Mumbai’s session court found Salman Khan guilty and gave him punishment of 5 years. After the Salman Khan appealed in Bombay High court and then he was given bail. High Court freed Salman Khan completely in 2015. In the decision Bombay High Court said that Prosecution was failed to confirm that Salman consumed alcohol and he was driving during the accident. So punishment is not possible with such evidence. In year 2002, Salman’s car jumped over people lying on footpath, in which they died.