Freedom of Expression can not be hurtful to others : Kangana Ranaut

National award winner Kangana Ranaut says that India is hub of Languages, Religion and freedom of expression doesn't means that you will hurt anyone sentiments. Kangana said, 'Freedom of expression doesn't means that hurting anyone's sentiments. We should think that where we live has many languages and religion. Saying all this from a stage is a big thing. I believe what you talk even at your home, at workplace, you should be careful of what you are saying.' She said, one should understand the strength of the words. If anything an be said in any other way, then please give importance to those ways and choose the best way to say things. The actress was speaking on the sidelines of a special screening of the sports drama Saala Khadoos. Recently, Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar on the debate on intolerance saying India is a "tough country" where speaking about personal life can land people behind the bars.