The film got 'A' certificate because of the word uses 'Bed'

The Censor board gave the 'A' certificate to teaser of Girish Kumar's upcoming film, the reason behind this is the word uses 'bed' in the teaser. According to Indian audience censor board has also demanded to cut some dialogue and scenes from the film. This time the matter is connected with the film called 'Loveshuda'. The film is directed by Vaibhav Mishra, censor board have given 'A' certificate. The film is used a word called 'bed'. Source said, 'Girish and Navneet are seeing in the teaser, the dialogue of between them is 'Love stories starts from the bed'. The using of word 'bed' censor doesn't felt good. This was certified with 'A' certificate and the whole team of film is surprised.' Sources said, 'makers have shown fresh dialogue in this 1 minute 20 second video which will connect with youth. This teaser only shows that thing which will connect with youth. There is no one scene of 'Kissing'. Despite this how the film got 'A' certificate. Firstly the teaser was going to release with 'Tamasha' but because of 'A' certificate now it will release with 'Hate Story 3' in the theaters. Film Producers Vijay Gilani has confirmed this and said, Yes, We wanted to release teaser with 'Tamasha' but it couldn't because of 'A' certificate. Now it will release with 'Hate Story 3'.