I don't know who is Alisha Khan : Emraan Hashmi

Alisha Khan who made her Bollywood debut through small budget movie My Husband's wife was seen on the streets of Delhi and she told her stories, she also told that she is going to see opposite Emraan Hashmi in Vkram Bhatt's next Aina soon. Now Emraan Hashmi has denied all the news about her. According to a report Emraan Hashmi is these days enjoying holidays with family in Toronto. Emraan said, Rubbish, I don't know from where the girl came and I have never heard about this girl. I am not doing any film with this girl. On the other hand Vikram Bhatt also thrashed the statement of the girl by saying that I am making this kind of film there is any proof . Have you ever heard from me that I am making any Aina film rather not only this but any girl. Emraan hashmi and Vikram Bhatt's confirmations are stating that Alisha is making lie and what is the aim behind this only she knows. Let me tell you that Alisha has blamed that her mother and brother have thrown out her from the home and for that because she is fighting for her justice. Alisha's boyfriend cheated her and made a MMS of her and posted on social media. However police deleted the MMS after the complaint.