Digangana's father scolded Puneet Vashist

Closeness between Rishabh Singh and Digangana Suryavanshi of Salman Khan's famous show Bigg Boss 9 is on the top of the headlines. Other contestant have given them a name called (DigRi). Not only this, recently contestant which was out from the house said, "Digangana and Rishabh's relationship in the house was like husband- wife. After that Puneet said, "After coming out from the house to decided to talk to Digangana's father regarding this, so her father's answer was verry strange." Digangana's father said, "Everyone has their own view. I saw in the show Puneet denoted Rishab and Digangana as brother and sister. And now he is saying them Husband-Wife. Digangana father told, "Puneet is like my friend, When her mom said, She is like you sister, then Puneet said why like sister, why not like wife?". After that Digangana father said, "My daughter and Rishabh talk like sister and brother or good friends in the house".