Deepika says, I am real Deepika in front of Ranveer Singh

Last year for Deepika Padukone was good in terms of professional She is waiting for good offers in New Year too. Between this she talks about her chemistry with Ranveer Singh, 'I have said this before that me and Ranver are very close to each other and feel comfortable with each other. In front of Ranveer I am real Deepika. I remember, 'Me and Ranveer were eating chocolate a day after Bajirao Mastani release. This is so simple. Where everyone is feeling crazy seeing the film, Bajirao and Mastani are eating chocolate, this relation is with Ranveer. I don't want to give it any level. I only want that we should stay together forever, and should stand with me in any situation. When she was asked about the tuning with Ranveer's family, she said, 'My parents live in Bangalore, but I am very close to Ranveer family in Mumbai, Ranveer family is my family. I don't feel alone with them. Neetu Kapoor, mother of her Ex-bf Ranbir Singh came here to see 'Tamasha'. On this Deepika said, 'I was numb at that time, she came for a trial and her son is also in the film and she is a fan of Imtiaz Ali. It is her right to come and see the movie.' On talks about Ranbir Kapoor's break up, she said, 'it was difficult to console my broken heart at that time. I am type of person, who never carries any negativity or complaints, I rather prefer moving forward. I forgive easily so I am happy.'