Clash Between Rustom and Mohenjo Daro at the Box Office

This year's biggest clash is going to happen today at the box office. Hrithik Roshan and Akahy Kumar are coming up with their movies. Director Ashutosh Govarikar's Mohen Jo Daro and Tinu Suresh Desai's Rustom will be clashing today. In terms of Budget, Mohenjo Daro is a big film. It's ticket window exam will be big too. Budget of Rustom excluding Akshay's fees in 26 crores. It will not be difficult for Akshay Kumar to come in profit in his first week.From Friday to Thursday, it is like almost recess, so which film will be nice, that will have advantage. According to trade ananlyst, In metro Cities, Akshay's film can be on up because story of this film is stylish and it's retro look has attracted the audience. Rustom story is of Mumbai and it also has Patriotism. Rustom has can advantage of Independence Day, Whereas Mohenjo Daro can attract attention of North and Middle India. In North India, mostly people see Romance or action, so it is believed that after critics review only, audience will make up their mind. When is comes to screens, then Multiplexs has given more show to Rustom, whereas Mohenjo Daro has got more screens on single screens. Mohenjo Daro has 2500 screens and Rustom has 2000 screens. Trade Analyst says that if on the first day, equal quantity of people have gone for both the movies, then thye can earn 14-15 crores, but according to tickets in Multiplex, Akshay's film is expected to get lead. Saturday, Sunday are important for films. Then it will get finalised, who will win. You May also know : Upcoming movies List Box office collection 2016