‘Chadhta Suraj’ Qawwali From ‘Indu Sarkar’ - Watch It Here Now

Since the trailer of the movie ‘Indu Sarkar’ released, it is been one of the most talked about topics on the internet. We saw some of the facts of the Emergency in the trailer which no one has dared to touch. Today the first song of movie ‘Chadhta Suraj’ has just released and it is surely a heartwarming qawwali. The Qawwali has been recreated by Aziz Naza’s son Mujtaba Aziz and it fits perfectly with the storyline of the movie. In the video, we see Neil Nitin Mukesh as Sanjay Gandhi sitting and listening to the qawwali. And his attitude is just perfect and seems to be his best performance so far. We also get to see Kriti Kulhari in the song in bits and pieces making a stand against the government. The music of the song is composed by Anu Malik and sung by Mujtaba Aziz Naza, we can see him in the music video too. It is shot very well and give a perfect taste of that era. https://youtu.be/o1lMd25Va44 With ‘Indu Sarkar’, Kriti Kulhari who was seen in ‘Pink’ last year is all set to give another amazing performance in this movie. She wasn’t given much credit in ‘Pink’ as her performance was overshadowed by Taapsee Pannu. But on a personal note, she was as good as Taapsee in the movie. You May Also Like Bollywood Movies 2017 Box Office Collection Upcoming Movies List