Censor Board tighten screws for Kunal Khemu's upcoming film 'Guddu Ki Gun'

Kunal Khemu's upcoming film 'Guddu Ki Gun' is ready to release. But the Censor Board has still not given the permission to show the movie promos on the television. Censor board has given 'A' certificate to the film. This film is facing problems in promotion as it is a sex comedy. Film makers want to show it to the viewers but the permission has not been given by the Censor Board. The film's Co-Director Shantanu Ray said, this is an adult comedy but there's no such vulgar dialogue. We also had difficulty in getting permission from the censor board. They suggested us some ways to show promos on TV. To reach a larger audience TV is better option. Many people do not know about this movie. Our major problem is that how to begin film's publicity campaign. Film is ready to come in theatres.Film is expected to release by the end of this month. Ray said,' we made 12 promos but they were got rejected and then 9 new version were prepared. Recently they cleared three promos. Ray told giving certificate was a tough work for board. They are also worry about the film whether it will connect to the people or not . He said , "We have done some tinkering in TV promos . In a few days it will be on TV . We only have ten days to promote the film. I hope that people will go to the theater and will see the film. ".