'It's My Body.' This Video by Actors Gone Viral

In the beginning, the video gives you false style tips with a sarcastic approach that how much cleavage is too much, after all, is a question women ask all too often? By the time the video ends, however, you'll be applauding the empowering message that hides underneath the sarcasm. This International Women's Day, actors Swara Bhaskar and Taapsee Pannu team up to spread an important message: We are women, we are born with it, and if you have it, flaunt it. It's your body and you have the right to celebrate it. 'How much cleavage is good cleavage' starts off with the two actors talking about how to 'manage' your cleavage. "In office... wear a collarbone high neck," says Swara. "And maybe strangle yourself," she adds, giving us the first glimpse of the satire that this video is going to be. Through the 3 minutes and 22 seconds video, the two actors go on to instruct women on how and why they should cover up. In the end, however, dropping all sarcasm for some straightforward advice, they make a powerful point. Claiming that they are proud of their bodies and what they have, they urge other women to celebrate their bodies too. Since being shared just one day ago, the video has collected over 120,000 views and many positive comments on YouTube.  "Hey I am sharing this as a women's day gift with all my girlies!" comments one person. Watch the hard-hitting video here https://youtu.be/xSWFLag7jNs