Bipasha trapped in controversy after attending International Yoga Day

When Bipasha Basu must have got ready for International Yoga Day Celebration on 21 June in Bengaluru, then she would have not thought that she will be trapped in a controversy. This event was by yoga expert Vachananand Swamiji along with the state government's health center 'Ayush Karnatak' in tandem with Shwaasa. Like every year only 11 Lakhs were spent, but this time it got increased by 4 times. New is Shwaasa Group spends 45 lakhs and this bill went to State Government's Table. Government has refused to pay this amount spent in an event and has asked to present the whole budget. Many are telling, Amount got increased because of Bipasha's fees, whereas Actress spokesperson has denied this. Spokesperson said, 'Bipasha attented the event to aware youth about health and fitness tips. So it seems like it's name can link with this controversy.