'Bigg Boss' Season 11's Theme And Details Revealed

‘Bigg Boss 11's first promo which was recently released created quite a sensation amongst the fans of the show and the audience are now waiting with baited breath for the show to start soon. The promo featured Salman Khan and revealed the new theme of the eleventh season 'padosi'. In the promo we see Salman humming a song wherein he speaks about having a friendly relationship with one's 'padosi' neighbours. Like last year this time again the show will see celebrities and commoners, however, this time the ratio of the two is said to be 50:50. And the twist of the theme would be that instead of all of them residing in one house, there will be two separate houses for celebrities and commoners. https://youtu.be/taL3tRBQ1sc Now that sounds interesting, doesn't it?, while the date the ‘Bigg Boss’ is to start is still to be announced, but the speculations around who all will be there in the house is something that is keeping fans busy. Names like Nia Sharma, Geeta Phogat, Niti Taylor are doing on the discussion forums. The speculated list of contestants also has Dhinchak Pooja, Achint Kaur. Let us wait and watch as the show unfolds soon.
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