Bigg Boss 9 : This wild card participant is afraid of Salman Khan

Are in the middle of their journey, and their drama is at the peak. Priya Malik, Rishabh Sinha and Kanwaljit Singh like wild card entries have bit level up the entertainment of to the show. When it is working well then why show's makers shouldn't send more people in the house. Yesterday we told you that Giselle Thakral and Nora Fatehi soon will enter as wild card entry in Salman Khan's show. Giselle before starting this journey has opened many secrets. She said in an interview that she is very afraid of Salman Khan. She said Salman is like school principal, so she will stay in proper manner. thakral Well Thakral said about the home participant Prince that he is very cute. "I'm supposed to be friends with him. Raushel's behaviour does not seem right to me, so I'll create some distance. " Highlighting the goodness and badness of the show Giselle said, "I am a outsider so this is my negative point. Participants have already made groups and all are friends. It would be difficult for me to get between them, but I am ready for this challenge. On the other hand, as a viewer I tested them which can prove beneficial. "