Bigg Boss 10 : Priyanka Jagga eliminated

The first contestant is out from Salman Khan's controversial Show 'Bigg Boss 10' on Sunday. Priyanka Jagga is the first contestant to go out of the house. however, nobody expected that Priyanka Jagga who won the task of Su su (Toilet) for Indiawalo will go out so soon. She was even entertaining a lot. Priyanka during the task did toilet in her pants and then she gave VJ Bani of Celeb team to wash her pants. After which they again have a big argument. The interesting thing about them is Bani agrees with Priyanka and washed her pants. Before this, they even had a heated argument. In the first Elimination, Sword was hanging on Priyanka Jagga, Manoj Punjabi, Gaurav and Mona Lisa. On Saturday, Salman Khan announced Manoj as safe. On Saturday, Salman took the view from the people outside the house. Everybody said that Priyanka can do anything to be in the show and go to any limits. After that, it felt like she will be saved this week. It seemed like Gaurav Chopra will go out of the house, but it did not happen. When Salman asked Priyanka that why she is out in the very first week, on this she said, 'I could not stay more inside the Bigg boss house. Indiawale is not happy that Priyanka is eliminated. As she went out of the house, they started crying. You may also know : Swami Om Ji irritated Salman and Deepika in Bigg Boss 10 Box office collection 2016