Bigg Boss 10 : Goody Goody Gaurav Chopra becomes 'Khalnayak' of the house

Slowly and Slowly faces are getting clear in Big Boss 10 house. Before Indiawale and Celebs were fighting, now Gharwale are fighting among each other. Now a wall is seen between the unity of Celebrities. Well, recently in a task, there was too much fuzz created between Lopa Mudra and Bani. Now rivalry is seen in the task also. Now differences between the celebs will come in front when Gaurav Chopra will become Khalnayak of the house. Gaurav's image is that contestant who stays quite and plays the game being good to everyone and doesn't want to bad to anyone, but now when he has become Khalnayak, now love towards him is getting finished. Makers planning to throw Babaji from the house In today's episode audience will see that when Salman will ask from Bani, 'You thought Gaurav will vote you, then she says no Because he is my friend and I think he is with me. Bani says that Gaurav thinks I'm a strong contender, so that's why he had kept my side, but I would have never nominated him because I really want him to go ahead and play with me. Lopamudra showed her Bikini avatar in the house Gaurav clarifies that he did not expect that Bani will react like this, but my intentions were not bad. Now Gaurav's image in the house is of Khalnayak and he tries to be on both side and tries to show everyone goody-goody, which is completely wrong. During this Gaurav will have a bad fight with Om Ji and he will trouble Gauravalot. Now let's see what will Gaurav do to improve his image. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List