Bigg Boss 10 : Contender Manu Punjabi's mother got expired

Manu Punjabi of Bigg Boss 10 who has won many hearts of the audience, now her mother has expired. As soon as he got to know this he had to take the emergency exit from the house. This is one bad news for the strongest contender Bigg Boss and for his fans also, when he got to know that her mother got expired and he is out from the out from emergency exit. So now when will be going back to his house, this is not easy to say. In the last season also Kathi had to leave the house. Because her younger brother was expired. However, she was back in the house after few days. Monalisa boyfriend is not happy with Manu and Mona's closeness Manu is one of the most discussed contestants in the house because his name is linked with Monalisa. Recently he was in the news when everybody got to know that he has kissed Monalisa. Recently, during the captaincy task, Manveer got injured. Gaurav has become a new captain of the house. Everyone was angry with Gaurav, because when Manveer was injured then he did not come to see him, he was busy in his task, so people were saying that he is inhuman. When Manveer got uncomfortable in between Mona and Manu Priyanka was also injured during the fun of Lopa Mudra and Nitibha, they were trying to pull her in the water, but she got injured, after that Swami was seen creating the seen in the house, he even had a fight with Lopa. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List