Bigg Boss 10 : Bani got emotional after seeing boyfriend's picture

The patience level of the contestants in the Bigg boss house is breaking with the time. Earlier Nitibha gives a strong reply to Swami Om and then Rahul Dev who always seen ignoring everything also breaks on Swami Ji.  The reason was Swami Ji's behavior towards contestants but now the news is that Bani started crying after seeing someone's photo. Bani J The whole incident happens when Bani comes out to a room leaving everyone outside and takes one picture from the bag. Then behind the camera, she looks to her and then starts crying. Later she comes outside at Garden and sits lonely. When Gaurav asks Bani what happen then Bani doesn't give any reply to him and says leave her alone. four contestants to make wild card entry in Bigg boss house However, Gaurav doesn't like this and he told all the matter to Rahul Dev. Now it has seen what happen to Bani immediately that she became upset and sad. Bani always has seen as the strongest and tough contestant of the house. However, she has to face the opposition due to her fight with Lopamudra and maybe this became the reason that she felt and emotional for the family. the intimate scene between Gaurav Chopra and Bani Let me tell you, according to the media reports Bani J is dating actor Yuvraj Thakur and she was crying to see his picture. While crying Yuvraj's t-shirt was also in the lap of Bani. A few days back it was Yuvraj's birthday and that day Bani was seeing wearing Yuvraj's T-shirt. You may also like :- Box office collection 2016 Superhit Movies List