'Bahubali' heroine Anushka made all his stunts himself

These days the film "bahubali" is getting plenty of buzz. The heroine Anushka Shetty will be seen in action and he has a body double did not help. Yes, he shoots all his stunts himself. Anushka Shetty reveals itself and the reason behind this is described. He said the film 'bahubali' action in his body double for the scene did not help, because he wanted the real start to the scene as possible. Anushka said: "Rajamuli (s. S. Rajamuli) were serious about the reality of the film from the beginning, sir. So I filmed his stunts himself and body double did not help. " He said he is not at all hesitant in his stunt scene. Anushka said, "We were training for several months. In fact, many times we were asked to literally fight each other, because the scene on the screen the real start Rajamuli wanted to head. " During the shooting of the film Anushka has treated a little trouble there. He said, "I came much laughter. Especially while filming scenes for me was difficult to control yourself. Sometimes the director would have had to shut me forcibly. " Rajamuli directed film 'bahubali' Prabhas Varma in, Rana Dggubati, Tamanna Bhatia, Sathyaraj and Rmaya Krishnan worked. Telugu film on July 10, Tamil and Hindi languages ​​are displayed. Karan Johar will release it in Hindi.