The art of fighting without fighting is Kunf Fu, which first got started in India : Tiger Shroff

After trailer of Baaghi, TIger Shroff once again is in the news, recently, in an interview he said, 'Kung Fu is given to world by India only. This smart technique of Marshal Arts, was got by Indian origin Buddhist Sage Bodhidharma.' Well, people think that Kung Fu is brought by China, but this is true that Chinese people learn this more and accepts this study for self defence. But this don't proves that Kung Fu is brought by China. Saint Bodhidharma is said as father of Kung Fu. In Shaolin, there are many temples with his name. So you can gues that Saint Bodhadharma went to China in 6th Century and that time there was nothing in China. He went to other side of Himalyan Mountain to teach people Bodha Religion. But later he got settled there taught people his amazing discovery Kung Fu. So Tiger said, Kung Fu was discovered in India. Kung fu is the most ancient of all martial arts and is the art of fighting without weapons. The art of fighting without fighting as I like to say! There are conflicting opinions on whether it actually originated from the teachings of an Indian Buddhist monk, Bodhidharma, who arrived in China from India in the 6th century or not. One thing is for certain and that is, he most definitely brought a form of martial arts with him, most likely Kalaripayattu, and transformed the newly formed Shaolin temple and the Buddhist monks settled there into dedicating themselves to Kung Fu. With the time they became a warrior elite whose fame spread throughout China and then all over the world.