Arijit Singh is snatching work from this Bollywood famous playback Singer

Singer star Shaan need no introduction,but from long, Shaan is not seen singing much of Bollywood songs. Shaan also realises this. Shaan is as judge in Singing reality show 'The Voice India Kids'. While talking to Media during a show launch, Shaan's this pain was seen. There was a time when Shaan was Shahrukh Khan's voice, he said, he is not able to understand this thing that why is he getting less work. When he started his career, then also there was competition, but now era is different. shaan In few years, many singers have come in Bollywood, which voice is loved by the audience. Singers like Arijit Singh is giving good competition. On Arijit as competition, Shaan said, 'Arijit is doing good and I've no complaints about it. But one thing I'm not getting that what I deserve, I'm not getting such songs and why am I not getting, this also I don't know.' Shaan said, 'I cannot lie, that I'm having many offers and I'm choosy, but people are not calling. Earlier it used to pinch me. Now it doesn't happen.' 43 years old Playback singer career has been amazing. He gave voice to many amazing songs. Shaan is also known for his attractive smile. He was asked, who first appreciated hi sharming smile, then he revived his childhood memories, that in school, teachers used to call me as 'Jalebi Smile', because his smile was charming, so all used to get attracted to him. You May Also Know : Arijit controversy with Salman Arijit Fees