Alia Bhatt to play role of Kashmiri Rockstar

Director Rajshree Ohja is going to amke a film on First kashmiri Girls Band 'Pragash', news is he has approached Alia Bhatt for this film. Before making the film, Ojha has done research for one year. Let me tell you, Pragash was kashmir's first All Women Band, it has 3 members in it. This band came in news after winning 2012 Music concert. However, some Kashmir's religious fanatic person criticized this band and threatened the girls to kill me and rape them. One Fatwa was also issued against them. Then CM Umar Abdullha then tweets and ask to provide security to the members of this band, But later he deleted his tweet. Girls were supported all over the world, but in year 2014 this group was over. A short film has been made with the name : Pariah : The Land of Fears'. Ojha is been researching on this project from past one year. For this he met Band's three member, their family, Teachers, Journalist and Police Officer. Alia was not only approached for this role, but she was also requested to sign songs. Now will Alia work in this film or not, there is no official information about it. Rajshree also wants to take a local Kashmiri Girl in this film as a band mamber and for the third she wants to launch a Pakistani actress. Shabana Azmi is also offered an important role in the film. She can be seen as Pakistani fanatic supporter . Nawazuddin Siddiqui is offered Police office Role. you may also know: Box office collection 2016 Superhit Movies List