Akshay revealed, how he do 3-4 films in a year

Akshay Kumar's upcoming film Housefull 3 trailer got released. Akshay talked a lots on it's release, during this he told that shooting of the film should always get complete in 30-40 days. He said, this much time is enough to shoot a film. He is shocked that filmmaker take 300-400 days to shoot one movie. Akshay Kumar was asked how does he do 3-4 films in a year? He said, 'There is no rocket science. I gets easier while working. I think that not more than 60 days should be taken for film shoot. I completed the shooting of Housefull 3 in 38 days. Actor said, 'Everyone come on time. We did had work. I worked for 8-8 hours and this happens with speed. I read shooting of Mission Impossible was completed in 52 days. I don't get why we talk of 300-400 days of shooting. Akshay believes that shooting of the film should not go from 30-60 days, maximum 70 days.