Aa Gaya Hero movie review

Name of the Film Aa Gaya Hero
Critics Rating 1 Star
Director Deepankar Senapati
Star cast Govinda, Ashutosh Rana, Milind Shinde, Makarand Deshpande, Murli Sharma
Genre Action
Duration 2 Hour 3 Minutes
Date Released 17 March 2017
First of all, this movie must be titled Hero Nai Aaya because its boring and will give you headaches with complete waste of time and money.The film is not only shoddily written, it has been shot in even worse conditions. Get ready for a grainy picture quality which would be a reminder of the pre-set top box cable TV times. Govinda also intends to jump off cliffs in this age, dance his heart out and deliver dialogues like “Naam puchhne se pehle diaper toh pehan le. Saaf kya tera baap karega?” Besides, baddies also get a chance to introduce themselves! One of them named Vikash Bhairav, who is the brother of Bhujang Bhairav, says to a college girl: “Maine tujhe pyaar kiya aur tune mujhe dhokha diya. Ab toh tera rape karna padega.” STORY: Supercop Ravindra (Govinda) is called in to tackle the law and order situation in a city after a villain unleashes his wrath. But to put an end to crime, the cop has to bring out the actor within. Acting:  Govinda made a comeback in Saif Ali Khan starred Happy Ending previously. For Aa Gaya Hero, his fate has been tough since the film found it hard to find distributors. The actor tries to put up a performance that will remind us of his previous films but he doesn’t succeed. Yes, his dance moves still have no match. Supporting cast consists of talented actors such as Ashutosh Rana, Murli Sharma, Makarand Deshpande who overact so much that you honestly don’t want to believe how great these actors otherwise are. Poonam Pandey is seen in an item number that is quite shady. WHY IT BORES: How do you get over Govinda's image from the 90's films? Simple- you don't! His brand of comedy seems a tad outdated, which explains why it must have been difficult for the super entertainer to make a dashing comeback. Aa Gaya Hero is a testament to why his films may not have worked of late. Direction and Music: Dipankar Senapati directs this disaster of a film. It’s difficult to say where to start. Not only is the camera quality bad, the film has also been edited very shoddily, with the lip sync in most places going for a toss. The special effects are extremely poor, especially in one particular scene, where we see an aircraft that enters a cave. It looked like watching crappily done animation. Other than this, the scenes involving action are like the one in 70s-80s Bollywood films. The background score of ‘Dishooom’ comes before the actor punches his enemies. Also BTW – the credits mention ‘baground’ instead of ‘background’!

Music by Meet Bros, Vicky & Hardik Arghya Banerjee is terrible. All the songs are too old fashioned in terms of audio tracks and for visuals too, the ‘firang’ back dancers in bikinis are so passé. Ganesh Acharya’s choreography is a winner of ‘Patti hai toh patt, warna side mein hatt’ song. It’s classic Govinda!

One would have to mention how tacky the choice of costumes is. It’s like they never stepped out of 90s ‘filmy’ fashion.

WATCH IT OR NOT: Clocked at over two hours, this film seems like a punishment in the second half. A serious case of professional hazard for critics! This film should be titled ‘Paka Gaya Hero’ instead! It’s boring and a complete waste of your time. 1 star for the lone star in the film, Govinda!