Aa Gaya Hero Box Office Collection - Govinda

The movie Aa Gaya hero which was expected to be yesteryear’s actor Govinda’s comeback as the solo male lead released a week ago. After getting less than positive reviews the movie did not succeed to find takers among the audience as well. In fact, Aa Gaya Hero survived to form in just Rs. 75 lakhs on its opening weekend, which does not look well for any movie. Following the dreadful opening weekend collections, the movie did not manage to make any extra progress over the following days. Currently, the entire collections of the movie stand at just Rs. 1.05 cr at the end of week one. Aa Gaya Hero proved to be a huge disappointment at the box office with terrible collections completely the weekend. The movie was a revised version of his much-delayed movie Abhinay Chakra which was expecting for a release since 2015. Govinda went all out with the promotion of the movie but the film couldn’t succeed to gather footfalls at the theaters. The movie will finish with a lifetime collections of around 1 crore. The publisher share will be around 0.5 crores. The healing from theatrical business is around just 6-7 % of the Publicity Expense itself, let alone the production price. Govinda needs to understand that he needs to make a strong comeback with character constrained roles. Even Salman Khan and Aamir Khan are doing character driven roles and movies. Every superstar is going ahead his image to sign good entertaining movies. Govinda’s brand of entertainment is still very successful on television but the main reason behind this is the fact that maximum of those movies was remarkably entertaining and they can still be watched today. He is a Legend. There is no doubt concerning this. Same can’t be said about movies like Aa Gaya Hero. Doing movies like ‘Aa Gaya Hero’ isn’t going to determine beneficial for Govinda at this point in his career. Rather it will place him under a lot of worthless financial trouble. To cope with this sort of pressure, people start signing movies left, right and center. We have witnessed a lot of actors fade into oblivion because of this. We hope a legend like Govinda recognizes it soon.