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Shivaay Box office Collection – The whole Bollywood has their eye on Ajay Devgn‘s ambitious project from the time Ajay Devgn had announced it. Now when the film has arrived into the theaters this Friday on 28th October 2016, so everyone is keen to know the Shivaay box office collection report. Ajay Devgn has taken his whole three years to make an action-packed adventure thriller flick Shivaay. The film already has created lots of buzz before the release in the theaters. According to the box office reports, Shivaay has collected 100.05* crores so far.

This box office business report of Ajay Devgn’s film Shivaay is showing how the people are reacting towards the trailer and songs of the film. The trade experts already have predicted that the film will get a good opening in the theaters after showing the advance booking of the film. The film has shown very good advance booking in the single screen theaters across India.

The interesting this is that this is the first Ajay Devgn‘s film which has released across 90 countries which itself a record. That shows how much audience have expectations from the film and Ajay Devgn. Talking about the box office report of Ajay Devgn Films then it is not so much good for him. His last two movies Drishyam that was released in 2015 was well appreciated even counted as one of the best films of Ajay Devgn but talking about the collection the film just collected 76.16 crores despite being appreciated.

The movie before Drishyam was Action Jackson and what happened with Action Jackson everyone knows it well. Then it is very hard to make big on the silver screen for Ajay Devgn because he has very lesser movies which have collected 100 crores at the box office.

1st ( First ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
28/10/2016 – Friday ( 1st Day Box Office Collection ) 10.24 Cr
29/10/2016 – Saturday ( 2nd Day Box Office Collection ) 10.06 Cr
30/10/2016 – Sunday ( 3rd Day Box Office Collection ) 08.26 Cr
31/10/2016 – Monday ( 4th Day Box Office Collection ) 17.35 Cr
1/11/2016 – Tuesday ( 5th Day Box Office Collection ) 11.05 Cr
2/11/2016 – Wednesday ( 6th Day Box Office Collection ) 07.40 Cr
3/11/2016 – Thursday ( 7th Day Box Office Collection ) 06.05 Cr
Total First Week Collection  70.41 Cr

2nd ( Second ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
4/11/2016 – Friday ( 8th Day Box Office Collection ) 4.61 Cr
5/11/2016 – Saturday ( 9th Day Box Office Collection ) 5.40 Cr
6/11/2016 – Sunday ( 10th Day Box Office Collection ) 7.08 Cr
7/11/2016 – Monday ( 11th Day Box Office Collection ) 2.50 Cr
8/11/2016 – Tuesday ( 12th Day Box Office Collection ) 1.90 Cr
9/11/2016 – Wednesday ( 13th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.80 Cr
10/11/2016 – Thursday ( 14th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.70 Cr
Total Second Week Collection (Nett) 22.99 Cr

 3rd ( Third ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
11/11/2016 – Friday ( 15th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.80 Cr
12/11/2016 – Saturday ( 16th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.90 Cr
13/11/2016 – Sunday ( 17th Day Box Office Collection ) 1.20 Cr
14/11/2016 – Monday ( 18th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.70 Cr
15/11/2016 – Tuesday ( 19th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.45 Cr
16/11/2016 – Wednesday ( 20th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.35 Cr
17/11/2016 – Thursday ( 21st Day Box Office Collection ) 0.35 Cr
Total Third Week Collection 4.75 Cr

4th ( Forth ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
18/11/2016 – Friday ( 22nd Day Box Office Collection ) 0.20 Cr
19/11/2016 – Saturday ( 23rd Day Box Office Collection ) 0.30 Cr
20/11/2016 – Sunday ( 24th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.40 Cr
21/11/2016 – Monday ( 25th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.30 Cr
22/11/2016 – Tuesday ( 26th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.20 Cr
23/11/2016 – Wednesday ( 27th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.15 Cr
24/11/2016 – Thursday ( 28th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.10 Cr
Total Fourth Week Collection 1.65 Cr

5th ( Fifth ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Lacs)
25/11/2016 – Friday ( 29th Day Box Office Collection ) 5.77 Lc.
26/11/2016 – Saturday ( 30th Day Box Office Collection ) 7.56 Lc.
27/11/2016 – Sunday ( 31st Day Box Office Collection ) 8.47 Lc.
28/11/2016 – Monday ( 32nd Day Box Office Collection ) 3.20 Lc.
29/11/2016 – Tuesday ( 33rd Day Box Office Collection )
30/11/2016 – Wednesday ( 34th Day Box Office Collection )
1/12/2016 – Thursday ( 35th Day Box Office Collection )
Total First Week Collection 25 Lacs*
Total Domestic Collection (Nett) 100.05 Cr*
Total Domestic collection (Gross) 138.96 Cr*
Total overseas collection (Gross) 6.94 Cr*
Verdict Hit*


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21 thoughts on “Shivaay Box office collection – Ajay Devgn

  1. Shivaay almost is a hit movie because its crossed 100 crore in domestic only .
    Verdict report should transparent and same for all the movies.its shouldn’t be partial behaviour.

  2. Shivay is one of the good movie released in 2016 and worthwhile for watching. Also never seen such an action drama in bollywood. Without any doubt we can say that this action flick is competent to hollywood. More importantly its a story about relation between a father and daughter we never seen in on screen. Undoubtedly i can say that great effort taken by ajay and his crew.

  3. For a movie with a budget of 100+ crores it performed pretty well to be average , since average in this context means that the film recovered the money it invested; which in turn is 100 crores at least

    1. I think it has already Cross 100 crore in India. These websites will not depict because of the monopoly of Big Production houses. Should shame on their business….have to be fair with all movies, everyone has a right to success.
      Shivaay is HIT movie…..and Love by all audience else will not survive yet, and they are saying Flop.

      Overseas collection is 14+ Crores…and they are depcting 5.96 (Shame on this website for misleading).
      Before Shivaay release it got the Satellite rights of 50 crores….which deduct from the Production cost. that’s how you calculate the Profit/Loss and say Hit or flop…well many mouth many words.
      Shivaay is HIT…enjoy!!!

      1. Dear Saurabh,

        shivaay still didn’t get 100 Cr. Net in india, we know that about Satellite rights of 50 crores but in term of movies hit or flop in india, its depends only on india’s net collection. we do provide actual report.

        1. Thanks for your Reply,
          So, When do you call this Movie Hit or Flop based on India Collection? How much would you think because why i am asking if anybody make a Movie it includes cost of all factors not only india..So we should consider all aspects (Satellite+overseas+other collection).
          Secondly, I think 98.15 crore which you are depicting for 21 days – Right. Now, i think Shivaay has completed 25 days..and still running..Can you tell me the Collection plz. I hope this time it is 100 crore+..Thanks.

  4. one should appreciate the movie shivaay.

    becauase it succeed to show the father daughter relation.

    on the other hand it had showed that how a father fight to get the kidnapped daughter.

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