Movie Review: MOM – Sridevi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Akshaye Khanna

MOM Movie
Name of Movie MOM
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★ ★
Director Ravi Udyawar
Star cast Sridevi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Akshaye Khanna
Genre Thriller/Drama Film
Duration 2 hours 26 Minutes
Date Released 7 July 2017

PLOT: – Mom revolves around the character of Devaki, who is a mother of two beautiful daughters. Her elder daughter Arya is a sensitive girl, a lot of things happening in her life, she doesn’t talk to her mother much, infact she doesn’t like her because of an incident which make boundary between them. Devaki waits for her daughter’s love. She comes to a situation where she has to make a choice, she has to fight for her daughter’s love but she knows the consequences of that.

REVIEW: – The movie deserves a one word review which is ‘Amazing’. Everything in the movie from the cast, direction, to the background score, is amazing. It’s a definition of a perfect film, where nothing is wrong. From the moment the film starts till it ends, it keeps you glued to your seat.

There’s a lot packed here in the movie, the subject of the movie is well chosen and well told. Sridevi has given a hard-hitting performance; she takes you with her on a journey. This emotional thriller will make you think and that’s good, not much movies are made in Bollywood today that stays with you for a while. This movie stays with you and you will think about the movie after watching it.

You are excited and thrilled in the first half and then comes the second half and ‘ohh my god’, it is glorious. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, needs no introduction, comes in the second half and completely nails it, he is a perfect choice for the role. Akshaye Khanna, an extremely talented and underrated actor does a great job, he doesn’t get a lot of credit but the truth is he is one of the actors who should get more recognition. And here is Sajal Ali, the Pakistani actress who played the role of Sridevi’s daughter in the movie. One thing to say, this girl is a star. She is just 23 and to give a performance like that at her age is quite an accomplishment. She has a crying sequence in this movie, and in that scene, you can actually feel her pain.

And now let’s come to direction, Ravi Udyawar is an amazing director and all the credit goes to him. He has done a great job to make you feel like a part of the movie. When you are in a theatre, you are not watching a film you are inside the film, that’s what Ravi has done here. The editing is very good; the scenes flow flawlessly. The screenplay is done by Girish Kohli and he has done a phenomenal job, he played with the scenes and credit goes to him too for showing such a good story. AR Rehman’s music really helps the movie, you know when AR Rehman comes forward to be a part of a movie, it’s sure to be a classic. And that’s what ‘Mom’ is.

WHY TO WATCH: – There’s no reason to ask this question, this is a must watch the film for everyone, clearly the best of 2017 till date. Great direction, awesome music, and power packed performances, in short, it is a perfect film.

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