Movie Review: Lucknow Central – Farhan Akhtar, Diana Penty

Lucknow Central
Name of Movie Lucknow Central
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★★ ★
Director Ranjit Tiwari
Star cast Farhan Akhtar, Ronit Roy, Diana Penty, Gippy Grewal
Genre Drama/Musical/Thriller Film
Duration 2 hours 27 Minutes
Date Release 15 Sept 2017

Plot: The movie ‘Lucknow Central’ is a story of a Kishen Mohan Girhotra who hails from a small town Moradabad. Kishen has big dreams of becoming a singer but the unfortunate circumstance get him into trouble and he gets accused of murder of an IAS officer and lands in jail. Soon Kishen realizes that he has been trapped really badly in a false case and it would now be difficult for him to be a free man. So with few of the other inmates who are also trapped in jail due to circumstances decide to create a band but behind it, they have another plan and that is to escape from the Jail.

Review: From the trailer, the viewer’s got a clear clue of what the story of the movie is going to be. We were introduced to the strict jailor Raja Shrivastava (Ronit Roy), Kishen (Farhan Akhtar) and his criminal inmates Victor Chattopadhyay (Deepak Dobriyal), Purushottam Madan Pandit (Rajesh Sharma), Parminder Gill (Gippy Grewal), Dikkat Ansari (Innamulhaq), the social worker Gayatri Kashyap (Diana Penty). At different junctures, the story was very predictable and the first half the movie appears a bit dragged, yet the polished acting skills of the ensemble star cast and the execution of the second half just keeps you all glued to your seats and makes sure to keep you entertained.

Performances wise all the actors are truly outstanding in the movie. Farhan Akhtar is an absolute delight to watch on screen. His acting here might not be of the level of ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ but still in all the scenes you just remain in the awe of his performance.

Gippy Grewal, Deepak Dobriyal, Rajesh Sharma and Inaamulhaq, are also outstanding in their respective roles. Diana Penty, on the other hand, is super confident in her role of an NGO activist but is under utilised.

Ronit Roy looks convincingly menacing as a ruthless and strict jailor but we have seen doing such roles in past so nothing new has been added here. Ravi Kishen as the politician and Deepak Dobrial give you some lighter moments.

Director Ranjit Tiwari’s debut direction is quite promising, but there are instances where the movie was seen revolving around a point and dragging to a conclusion. This could have been avoided else it will be perfect to say that the director has announced his arrival with the movie.

Why To Watch: The movie ‘Lucknow Central‘ has some stellar performance to experience and an innovative screenplay. It is entertaining and keeps you glues to your seats. We are sure word of mouth publicity is going to work for the movie.

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