Movie Review: Indu Sarkar – Kirti Kulhari

Indu Sarkar Movie Review
Name of Movie Indu Sarkar
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Director Madhur Bhandarkar
Star cast Kirti Kulhari, Tota Roy Choudhury, Neil Nitin Mukesh
Genre Drama  Film
Duration 2 hours 19 Minutes
Date Released 28 July 2017

Plot: The story of ‘Indu Sarkar’ is set in the time of emergency and revolves around a fictitious character named Indu Sarkar. Well, you might call it a double meaning title as the movie talks about the ruling government which was headed by Indira Gandhi (who had a nick name Indu) and Sarkar stands for the Government.  So, the story is how a girl understands the government’s real intention about the state of emergency declared and decides to raise her voice against it and give a fight back.

Review: Considering the movie to be a Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie, the expectations from the movie were way too high. But like it always happens the movies based on the situations and lives of some eminent peoples of our society, tend to get brutally skinned and slaughtered and then presented with hardly any story left in it to showcase what initially was intended to project.  The actors in the movie are the main highlight of the movie and their resemblance to the people the characters they are inspired from is perfect to the T.

Neil Nitin Mukesh has given an outstanding performance and Kriti Kulhari, as a victim and then emerging as a woman of power, keep you glued to your seat. The movie has tried hard to get the real picture of the state of emergency when the fundamental rights of the local public were curbed, and the removal of Juggi Jhopadies, the nasbandi targets and how government and other Sarkari Karamcharis did it all to mint its benefit.

The dialogues in the movie are impactful and are the power of the movie. The music is a mix of soft, soothing and hard hitting, and fits well with the screenplay.

Why To Watch:Indu Sarkar’ to some extent does give you the real feel of the times of emergency, so it is definitely a recommended to watch. It gives you a sneak peek into what the common man had to go through for a decision that was made by the ruling government. A side of history which is buried deep under the books and is seldom discussed.

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