Movie Review: Gurgaon – Akshay Oberoi, Ragini Khanna

Gurgaon Movie
Name of Movie Gurgaon
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★
Director Shanker Raman
Star cast Akshay Oberoi, Ragini Khanna, Pankaj Tripathi
Genre Thriller Film
Duration 1 hours 47 Minutes
Date Released 4 Aug 2017

Plot: The movie revolves around a real estate businessman Kehari Singh, he has a dark past, which always haunts him, when his beloved daughter gets kidnapped, he has to confront his past and get over the snake of his own family

STORY:- Shankar Raman’s directorial film ‘Gurgaon’ has many layers in it and that’s the main point of the film, it is not a typical Bollywood film, where everything is predictable, it is hard hitting crime thriller, which will make you go ‘oh my god’. It is a character based movie, where the story is not everything, character plays a very important role here. The actors are awesome, and the casting is done very well, and it makes the movie more interesting. When the story is good, the movie automatically becomes good, but when the story is good and the characters in the story are telling something it becomes special and that’s what ‘Gurgaon’ is. This movie is certainly not for the masses, most of the people will not understand what’s happening, but the one who will understand, they will like the movie very much.

Pankaj Tripathi, over the years, has proved that he is not just here to be sidelined, he has done an awesome job in this movie, he acted with his expressions here and that’s something not very easy. Every time he says a dialogue, you will feel his emotions and the depth behind it. This is his one of the best performance, if not the best. It’s good that actors like him are getting chances to prove themselves and he has done a phenomenal job in this movie. Ragini Khanna, whom we know from the TV serials, is just an awesome actress, her performance in the movie is unpredictable and spectacular, and there are a lot of scenes in the movie where she takes the cake. With this movie, she has arrived in the Bollywood, and you will walk out the theatre as Ragini Khanna fan. Akshay Oberoi has done many films in the past, but he never had the chance to show his credibility as an actor, well, here he does, when we see Akshay, we don’t expect him to give a very good performance, but he just proved us wrong, he acted with his eyes in this movie, his character in the movie is most interesting and dark, and he has done a good job.

When we see Kehari Singh’s wife, which is played by Shalini Vatsa, we see a wife of a millionaire, she is the ‘malkin’ of the empire, but we can see that she is suffocating there in between the complex life, and if the viewer can see this with her expressions, we can assume that she had done a good job. Aamir Bashir is there, but not for the majority of the time, but as long as he shows up, he only lifts the movie up. Like it is mentioned earlier every single actor in this movie has done a good job.

The direction of the movie is very impressive and thrilling, we know that Shankar Raman is a spectacular director and yet he shows again. He doesn’t make the audience to understand the movie easily, he wants you to scratch your head and think about it. The background music certainly helps the movie to keep that thrilling experience alive. There are two types of movies one you watch it, enjoy it and when it’s over out the theatre and you forget about it. And the other one, you watch it, scratch your head, think about it, you walk out the theatre in silence and keep thinking about it, and Gurgaon is that kind of film. The movie is in the same category of ‘Mom’, ‘Pink’ and other amazing thrillers that we saw lately.

WHY TO WATCH:- There are multiple reasons to watch this movie, first the performances, second the thrilling experience. The movie is not for everyone, it is for a certain audience and that audience will absolutely love it.

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