Movie Review: Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha – Upen Patel, Shiv Darshan, Natasha Fernandez

Ek Haseena thi ek deewana tha Movie
Name of Movie Ek Haseena Thi Ek Deewana Tha
Critics Rating ★ ★ ★ ★
Director Suneel Darshan
Star cast Shiv Darshan, Natasha Fernandes, Upen Patel
Genre Romantic/Thriller  Film
Duration 1 hours 45 Minutes
Date Released 30 June 2017

PLOT:- Natasha and Upen are a happy couple, they love each other and are very happy in their marriage. But one day she dreams about Shiv Darshan, she meets him the next day. Natasha starts interacting with him and meeting him regularly and finds a strange attraction towards him. After many intimate encounters, she confesses her love for him to her Husband Upen Patel and that is when everyone discovers that the one she is madly in love with is not a living being, but a ghost. The ghost Shiv Darshan makes her remember on how they were separated in their previous birth and how his soul waited for years for her to come back.

REVIEW:- The movie has nothing, which will make you go wow. In fact, this is one of the weakest films of the year. Yes, songs are good, it cheers you up a little bit, but as soon the songs end you will again feel bored. Actually from the trailer only everyone knew the movie fate. There’s nothing to say about this movie. You come in the theatre hollow and you go out hollow, it doesn’t give you anything to take with you. All you wish is for the movie to end.

It’s not that the plot was very bad, it would have worked with good direction and polished actors and both acting and direction, which is considered to be the most important thing for a movie is bad. Upen Patel was the best actor among them, and if Upen Patel was the best then you can think how were Natasha and Shiv. Well, Natasha tries her best but she couldn’t, Shiv didn’t even try to act.

The only good thing about the movie is the locations, it’s beautiful, but even that couldn’t save the movie. The movie shows unnecessary love and reincarnation angle which will piss you.

The movie is named after the popular song of Rishi Kapoor’s ‘Karz’, and that also had reincarnation angle, it worked that time because it had good actor’s, good direction and most importantly it was something new to watch back then. But now, it’s not new, every year this kind of movie releases. This month only Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon starrer movie ‘Raabta’ released and flopped because it also had the same old reincarnation angle.

WHY TO WATCH:- There is nothing to watch in this movie but if still, you want to watch it, go for it and enjoy the locations and songs.

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