Movie Review: Aksar 2 – Zareen Khan, Abhinav Shukla, Gautam Rode

Aksar 2
Name of Movie Aksar 2
Critics Rating ★ ★★ ★ ★
Director Suresh Triveni
Star cast Zareen Khan, Abhinav Shukla, Gautam Rode, S. Sreesanth
Genre Romantic/Thriller Film
Duration 1 hours 57 Minutes
Date Release 17  Nov 2017

PLOT:- The story of the movie revolves around Sheena Roy, who is hired as the governess for Madame Khambata by her trusted investment banker, after that it reveals the real motive of the banker to hire Sheena and that forces Sheena to indulge in the sexual relationship with the banker.

REVIEW:- The good part of the movie is that Zareen Khan acts, the bad part about the movie is that she even tried to act, that’s all. The movie could have been good as the story is compelling and intriguing but bad acting and bad direction kill the pace of the film. Zareen Khan after doing ‘Hate Story 3’, which was a success, started doing these kinds of sensual roles and quite frankly, it is not doing any good to her. The names of the character are this film are hilarious like Patrick Sharma, really that’s the name of Gautam Rode’s character in the film, if a film is a comedy, then it’s okay to have such names but in a thriller, it makes no sense. Now, Gautam is a good actor and he has proved that in the television but this film is not for him, the over-dramatic plot is too funny to take it seriously. The issue here is that the movie could have been good as the story is interesting but again, they had to sensualize everything to grab the attention of the audience.

Anant Mahadevan has written and directed this film and again he has made this film just in the sake of making it, without any reason, just like he throws twists and turns without any reason, there are too much of twists here and you are like ‘Oh.. Now we are having this’. The dialogues are hilarious and you just can’t take this film seriously, it makes you laugh rather than being intrigued by the movie. Now, he should get the credit for one thing and that’s the choices of the location and cinematography, it’s really good, but it still not good enough to save the movie.

When it comes to the performances, these actors can be used much well, Zareen and Gautam both are good, and they can really pull a decent performance, but the way they are used here make them look like idiots. Zareen is here to show her skin, Gautam is here for the sake of being here, it’s bad. And yes, there’s a debut too in this film, S Sreesanth, the former Indian cricketer now turned actor and we almost forget about him till the end of the movie, now we give him that he tried something new, we give him that, but he should just never return to acting, he tried, it failed.

The music is kind of good and that’s because the movie is not good, you actually enjoy music because of a bad movie.

WHY TO WATCH:- There’s no reason to watch this film only if you want to see Zareen Khan in her ‘Hate Story 3’ avatar, please go and watch, there are 12 kiss scenes in the movie, that’s the only good thing.

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