Fast & Furious 8 breaks several records at the box office

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Fast and Furious series is one of the most popular Hollywood movie franchises in India, so it was very obvious for its latest installment to perform well at the box office in India. The latest movie from super hit action franchise titled Fast & Furious 8 released this Thursday 13th April 2017. The movie had an astonishing opening, as it earned Rs. 5.5 crore on Thursday despite any holiday or anything.

Fast and Furious 8 has done phenomenal business over the first weekend, the movie earned Rs. 71.06 crore in the Indian market, which is more than Rs. 70.83 crore first weekend business of Fast and Furious 7. Universe Pictures has issued a statement detailing the box office collection of Fast & Furious 8 in India. With 71.06 crores first weekend collection, Fast & Furious 8 becomes the highest grossing Hollywood film in the first weekend.

Points must be noted, the Vin Diesel’s previous movie xXx: Return of Xander Cage, which was released this January had not done this kind of business in India. xXx failed to do this kind of box office business despite the presence of Deepika Padukone. xXx had grossed just Rs. 35 crore in its first weekend.

The latest film from X-Men series titled Logan was also unable to attract Indian audience in such a large number, as the movie had earned just Rs. 33 crore in its first weekend. Some big Hollywood releases have failed to gross as much as the Fast and Furious 8. The first weekend box office collection of Emma Watson starrer “The beauty and the Beast” was just 17 crore, which is very low.

The fast and Furious 8 is a Hollywood action thriller film directed by F. Gary Gray. The movie is eight film in blockbuster Fast and Furious film series. The movie features Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham and Charlize Theron in the lead roles. The movie is doing very good business all over the world.

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