Crazy things your favorite Bollywood celebrities do

Money, power, glory, looks and influence, your favourite Bollywood celebrities have it all. They keep us glued to our screens as they provide their dose of entertainment. While we all know they are acting, they are also humans like us and do crazy things. Here are some of the obsessions your favourite Bollywood celebrities have.

Men celebrities

Known for his romantic roles in blockbuster movies, Shah Rukh Khan is also an ardent video game fanatic. The charismatic star does not hide his obsession when it comes to playing video games. The tech-savvy star has even dedicated an entire floor of his house to just playing video games and named it 'Mannat.' If you also love gaming and want to try out your skills on an online casino, then head to sites like for a guide on which casinos will be worthwhile.

You would be forgiven for thinking men celebrities would have a fetish for fragrances. According to his co-star Jacqueline Fernandez, Salman Khan's presence resonates on set through his fragrance. Khan does not pass any opportunity when it comes to collecting fragrances whenever he goes. He is even dubbed as the best smelling celebrity in Bollywood. Although Shah Rukh Khan has a budget many would only dream of, he is obsessed with keeping things simple. He is known to prefer a simple fashion statement of blue jeans, a white t-shirt and sneakers. When it comes to colours, the late Rajesh Khanna was obsessed with red. From the Dunhill cigarettes he used to smoke, his favourite clothes, his drinks and favourite song, they all had a red theme about them.


Women Bollywood celebrities

When it comes to your favourite women celebrities, one obsession that stands out is that of beauty queen Preity Zinta. She is so obsessed with clean squeaky bathrooms; some joked that she separated with Ness Wadia because he could meet her standards of spick-and-span cleanliness. While not many Indian actresses love to get inked, Kangna Ranaut is the exception. The Indian beauty star loves angels inked on her body. She has one of an angel in her ankle, and her neck is inked with a cross with an angel and a sword. When it comes to adult stars, one of the names that stand out is that of Sunny Leone. This Bollywood celebrity is so obsessed with her feet that she would clean her feet every 15-20 minutes during the filming of Pooja Bhatt Jism 2. While this may not surprise many, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor Khan does not hide their fetish when it comes to shoes. Priyanka boosts of owning over 80 pairs of designer shoes, while Kareena does not hide that she has over 100 pairs of them and continues collecting more. Ameesha Patel cannot hide her obsession with collecting designer bags. She even confesses to owning bags from almost all designer brands. Patel is the type of celebrity that will not be satisfied with visiting a new destination and not checking the luxury labels on offer.