Bollywood Actors Who Would Make a Great James Bond

How many of these Bollywood actors would you like to see replace one of Hollywood’s most famous characters, 007?

James Bond is not just a well-known movie character, but rather an iconic and handsome figure of intelligence, slyness, and undeniable charm. As such, the role has been highly coveted throughout its history in the movie world.

A grand total of seven men have played the dapper Secret Agent on the big screen since the franchise’s first premier back in 1963. Nowadays, 007 is depicted by British born actor Daniel Craig who is currently awaiting the release of his newest Bond film, No Time to Die.  

As this highly anticipated production is set to premier later this year, we thought it only fitting to present you with our dream list of Bollywood stars that would make ideal Bond characters. Without further ado, here are five of Hindi cinema’s greatest would-be 007s.

Hrithik Roshan

One look at this rugged, suave face and you can’t deny he would be the perfect Bond. Already highly praised throughout India for his many successful roles of mostly romance and action, Hrithik Roshan has gained considerable attention in both his home country and abroad. His list of awards is almost as long as his number of crazed fans.

We think Roshan would make an incredible Bond, especially in Spectre where the agent must take down one of the franchise’s most skilled villains, the criminal mastermind Ernst Stavro Blofel. There’s no doubt that the Bollywood star is able to fight against any potential threat, his smarts and strength proving him more than worthy enough for the role.

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is our second fantasy pic for the MI6 agent. The popular Indian actor has enjoyed a prosperous 30-year career in the limelight, outdoing every role he steps into. Khan is stunt-proficient, as seen in the 2013 premier of Dhoom 3, incredibly smart, and performs well under pressure.

For this reason, Khan would have been particularly excellent in Casino Royale, a title that contains several thrilling poker scenes. In one of the most famous against villain Le Chiffre, Bond must demonstrate his mathematical acumen as he gets a read on his enemy and attempts to save the world against impending danger. We think Khan’s intellectual skills would serve him well in this Bond movie that displays the activity so prominently and stylishly. His sharp good-looks, slick fashion sense, and quick problem-solving skills would allow the Bollywood star to fit fit right in under the bright lights, playing the strategic game with ease.

Randeep Hooda

Randeep Hooda is no stranger to exhilarating action films. Having played major characters in some of India’s best thrilling pictures, he’s clearly cut out for the role of 007. Not to mention he is also extremely fit and muscular, therefore in shape for intense car races and foot pursuits.  

The Bollywood actor is also known for his love of horses and has previously won the silver award at the National Equestrian Championship. If there’s ever a Bond chase on horseback, we know that Hooda would be exceptional.

Darshan Kumar

Another handsome face, Darshan Kumar, is our next dreamy Bond pick. The New Delhi-born star is best known for his various roles in television and some Hindi films. Although he normally acts in series, his striking good looks and fierceness make us believe he would outshine any Bond actor in a long-feature 007 film.

He must think so as well, as the actor has previously made comments concerning his serious MI6 agent aspirations, stating that his dream project would be to play the character on the big screen. We would choose him for Skyfall as it paints the image of a quintessential Bond, everything we know Kumar could be. 

The Aston Martin DB5 is the iconic car of Bond films, made recognizable throughout the world thanks to the franchise’s success

Shah Rukh Khan

Last but not least, Shah Rukh Khan, known amongst his fans and industry members as “SRK,” is a genre-defying superstar who has gained international success in various roles. From action films to romance comedies, the Bollywood actor has earned himself one of the industry’s highest salaries.

He is even referred to as royalty in the business, reigning with the prestigious title, “King of Bollywood,” an honour that could only be enhanced if he was given the role of Bond.