5 Actresses Who Opened About Their Horrifying Experiences Of Sexual Harrasment

Bollywood Actress Sexually Harassed

Actresses carry a certain image with them. It’s a little unreal to hear that these actresses also faces sexual harassment. Some of the actresses, who opened up about their experiences.

  1. SONAM KAPOOR: – Few months back in an interview with movie critic Rajiv Masand, Sonam Kapoor shared that she was molested at her young age. According to her, she was at the mall with her friends when this happened. She described it as ‘traumatising’ experience.
  1. KALKI KOECHLIN: – The actress who his known for portraying the bold characters, Kalki Koechlin shocked the world when she reviled that she had sex at the age of nine. “I was my biggest mistake. I kept it hidden for years. I didn’t have the confidence to confront my parents for the same. It’s important to give sex education to children,” she said.
  1. KANGANA RANAUT: – Kangana Ranaut is at the top of her game right now. But what many people don’t know that she was physically abused when she was starting out in the Industry. “He was my father’s age, he hit me in the head and I started bleeding, I didn’t know what he wanted to do with me. But somehow I managed to protect myself.” She shared her experience at her book launch event.
  1. KATRINA KAIF: – In the year 2005, Katrina Kaif was in Kolkata for Durga Puja. The crowd was very high and her security wasn’t able to protect her. According to her, a pervert touched her in an objectionable manner. She said that it was a horrifying experience for her.
  1. SWARA BHASKAR: – Recently, Swara Bhaskar shared an experience when a drug addict man, started masturbating in front of her in the local train during her college days. “He was in front of me, starring me, suddenly he started masturbating. I got a little scared but I gathered the courage and shouted at him and held him by his collar. But he escaped by jumping off from the other end of the compartment.”

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