102 Not Out Had Poor Initial But Picks Up From The Evening

Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan back together at Box Office after 35 years with 102 Not Out. Morning SHows as usual took around 18% opening which was expected as this type of genre movies, it will be the growth in weekends will decide where the movie is going. The opening is in the same level of Pink which was also an Amitabh Bachchan movie. But it’s bit more comic/entertaining type movie rather than thriller type so one can expect better result from Sunday onwards if content is there.

Here is the Exclusive List of First Day First Show Occupancy of 102 Not Out (On Average) –

Mumbai : 15%

Delhi NCR : 20%

East Punjab : 22%

CP Berar : 20%

Rajasthan : 8%

Central India : 12%

South India : 15%

Kolkata & West Bengal : 25%

Bihar : 8%

Overall : 16-18%

As per latest report is coming Movie 102 Not out taken decent growth in noon and afternoon show onwards. Though from Evening onwards it takes a upwards stride and had a good growth of 30-40%. Movie picked up in City regions such as Kolkata Plexes, East Punjab, Bangalore region and some parts at Delhi NCR.

Exclusive All India Noon/Afternoon Show Occupancy of 102 Not Out (On Average)

Mumbai : 20%

Delhi NCR : 25%

East Punjab : 30%

CP Berar : 23%

Rajasthan : 10%

Central India : 15%

South India : 25%

Kolkata & West Bengal : 33%

Bihar : 11%

Overall : 22%

Exclusive All India Evening Show Occupancy of 102 Not Out (On Average)

Mumbai : 30%

Delhi NCR : 35%

East Punjab : 35%

CP Berar : 28%

Rajasthan : 15%

Central India : 18%

South India : 30%

Kolkata & West Bengal : 38%

Bihar : 15%

Overall : 27-30%

If we compare the occupancy from morning to evening then it’s a good growth of over 30% which makes an upward trend. Night Shows just started as early trend suggest that 102 Not Out looking around 4 Crore net mark opening, though interiors report yet to come it may get bilt lower or higher depending on that numbers. Early report from audience is coming they were liking the movie especially in city regions at high multiplexes.



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