Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Box office collection – Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya


Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Box office collection – One of the most awaited films of the year 2016, Karan Johar directorial flick ADHM has released this Friday on 28th October 2016 in the theaters on the special occasion of Diwali. The loyal audience of Karan Johar films and the fans of romantic drama movies are waiting for the film from very long time and now when the film has arrived in the theater’s fans are very excited to watch it in the theaters. The excitement has not converted into the collection of the film. Till now the box office collection of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is 112.14 crores*.

The collection reports are saying everything about the flick how much the fans are excited to watch the flick in the theaters after being overwhelmed with the promotions of the film. The advance booking of the film was started five days before the release and according to the trade experts, the film got a huge advance booking in the multiplexes which is also been counting as the real source of earning of the film.

The film stars Ranbir Kapoor, Anushka Sharma and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in leading roles so, the star power of the film is already high because each one of them has a special fan following. Especially Ranbir Kapoor whose female fan following is tremendous and his chemistry with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan already has become part of a discussion. So the collection of the film is already being heavy with the star power.

Talking about the previous box office report of Ranbir Kapoor movies then he has not seen last three years good in his career. His movies like Roy, Bombay Velvet and Besharam were a flop at the box office. Even his last movie Tamasha was an average at the box office.

1st ( First ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
28/10/2016 – Friday ( 1st Day Box Office Collection ) 13.30 Cr
29/10/2016 – Saturday ( 2nd Day Box Office Collection ) 13.10 Cr
30/10/2016 – Sunday ( 3rd Day Box Office Collection ) 09.20 Cr
31/10/2016 – Monday ( 4th Day Box Office Collection ) 17.75 Cr
1/11/2016 – Tuesday ( 5th Day Box Office Collection ) 13.30 Cr
2/11/2016 – Wednesday ( 6th Day Box Office Collection ) 07.63 Cr
3/11/2016 – Thursday ( 7th Day Box Office Collection ) 06.18 Cr
Total First Week Collection 80.19 Cr

2nd ( Second ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
4/11/2016 – Friday ( 8th Day Box Office Collection ) 4.56 Cr
5/11/2016 – Saturday ( 9th Day Box Office Collection ) 5.85 Cr
6/11/2016 – Sunday ( 10th Day Box Office Collection ) 6.55 Cr
7/11/2016 – Monday ( 11th Day Box Office Collection ) 2.55 Cr
8/11/2016 – Tuesday ( 12th Day Box Office Collection ) 2.35 Cr
9/11/2016 – Wednesday ( 13th Day Box Office Collection ) 1.51 Cr
10/11/2016 – Thursday ( 14th Day Box Office Collection ) 1.30 Cr
Total Second Week Collection 24.67 Cr

3rd ( Third) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
11/11/2016 – Friday ( 15th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.70 Cr
12/11/2016 – Saturday ( 16th Day Box Office Collection ) 1.19 Cr.
13/11/2016 – Sunday ( 17th Day Box Office Collection ) 1.51 Cr.
14/11/2016 – Monday ( 18th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.52 Cr
15/11/2016 – Tuesday ( 19th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.49 Cr
16/11/2016 – Wednesday ( 20th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.48 Cr
17/11/2016 – Thursday ( 21st Day Box Office Collection ) 0.46 Cr
Total Third Week Collection (Nett) 5.35 Cr

4th ( Fourth) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
18/11/2016 – Friday ( 22nd Day Box Office Collection ) 0.21 Cr
19/11/2016 – Saturday ( 23rd Day Box Office Collection ) 0.40 Cr
20/11/2016 – Sunday ( 24th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.52 Cr
21/11/2016 – Monday ( 25th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.20 Cr
22/11/2016 – Tuesday ( 26th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.19 Cr
23/11/2016 – Wednesday ( 27th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.21 Cr
24/11/2016 – Thursday ( 28th Day Box Office Collection ) 0.20 Cr
Total Fourth Week Collection (Nett) 1.93 Cr
Total Domestic Collection (Nett) 112.14 Cr*
Total Domestic Collection (Gross) 160.20 Cr*
Total Overseas Collection (Gross) 84.82 Cr*
Total Worldwide Collection (Gross) 249.26 Cr*
Verdict Hit

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  1. ADHM is the worst movie i ever watched. the fact that it has made more than a crore in india, demontrates to what extent indian moie goers are stupid.

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